Simplify your English language testing
Linguaskill is an online, adaptative, multi-level test designed to help organisations assess groups of candidates. It offers a complete picture of your candidates' English abilities, with fast and accurate testing of all four language skills: reading, listening, writing, and speaking. It provides detailed results and clear individual and group reports. Linguaskill can be easily administered and invigilated at your own venue at a time that suits you. All you need is a computer, an internet connection, a microphone and a set of headphones.

Important: BULATS will be retired as of December 2019 and will be replaced by Linguaskill Business, available from November 2018.
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Why Linguaskill?
Linguaskill for business and education

Higher Education Institutions: Linguaskill provides an efficient way to assess language levels on admission, monitor progression and check your students meet language requirements for graduation.
Employers: You can use Linguaskill in recruitment to ensure applicants have the right language skills for a role, or to measure the effectiveness of staff language training.

Linguaskill helps you...
  • assess language ability using international standards with results mapped to the Cambridge English Scale and CEFR.
  • understand the skills of individual test takers and identify any areas for improvement.
  • save time with quick and easy test administration.
Reasons to choose Linguaskill:

You'll receive individual and group reports instantly for Reading and Listening, and within 48 hours for all skills. The test reports will help you make informed decisions and compare performance.

The test is modular, so you can choose which combination of reading, listening, writing and speaking is right for your organisation.

Linguaskill is multi-level, helping you to assess candidates of all abilities with just one test.

Linguaskill doesn't have any set dates or venues; you can run the test at your own venue, whenever you want.

Formato de las pruebas Linguaskill

Linguaskill is a flexible, modular assessment, which tests:
  • Reading and Listening (combined)
  • Writing
  • Speaking

Administer the test onsite using just a computer, internet connection, a microphone and a set of headphones. No specialist software or equipment is needed (check technical requirements).

Linguaskill has four parts:

Reading and listening: 60-85 minutes (7 parts)

The Reading and Listening module is adaptive, so there is not a fixed number of questions. Each question the candidate answers helps the computer to understand their level better. The test finishes when the candidate has answered enough questions for Linguaskill to identify their level accurately. Results for the Reading and Listening module are provided immediately.

Number of parts:
Number of questions:Variable
Extension of the texts:Variable

Writing: 45 minutes (2 parts)

The Writing module asks candidates to input answers using a computer keyboard. Answers are marked automatically by the computer. Results will be available within 48 hours.

El candidato graba sus respuestas
Example topics:future plans free time and hobbies, using and learning English, family and friends, travel and holidays, places and sights studying and working, shopping, sport, music, home life, technology
Part 1

One question.
The candidate will will be asked to write a minimum of 50 words.
One half of the final Writing result.
Part 2
Long text:
One question.
The candidate will be asked to write a minimum of 180 words.
One half of the final Writing result.

Speaking: 15 minutes (5 parts)

The Speaking module is taken using a computer with a microphone and headphones. Questions are presented to the candidate through the computer screen and headphones, and their responses are recorded and assessed by examiners. Results will be available within 48 hours.
Part 1

El candidato responde a ocho preguntas acerca de sí mismo (las dos primeras preguntas no se califican).
Marks in part 1:
20% of the marks.
Part 2
Reading aloud:
The candidate reads eight sentences aloud.
Marks in part 2:
20% of the marks.
Part 3
Long turn 1:
The candidate is given a topic to talk about for one minute. 40 seconds are allowed for preparation.
Marks in part 3:

20% of the marks.
Part 4
Long turn 2:
The candidate is given one or more graphics (such as a diagram or information sheet) to talk about for one minute. One minute is allowed for preparation.
Marks in part 4:

20% of the marks.
Part 5
Communication activity:
The candidate gives their opinions in the form of short responses to five questions related to one topic. One minute is allowed for preparation.
Marks in part 5:

20% of the marks.
Linguaskill results

Results for Linguaskill are provided instantly for Reading and Listening, and within 48 hours for all skills. With a computer-generated Test Report Form, there is no waiting for printed certificates or other documents.

Linguaskill assesses English language ability from below A1 to C1 or above on the MCommon European Framework of Reference for Languages (CEFR). Test results also show Cambridge English Scale scores.You'll see a Cambridge English Scale score and CEFR Level for each skill tested so you can see where test takers have performed well, and where they can improve.

If more than one skill is tested, you'll see an overall average result.
Along with the candidates' results, each Test Report Form includes a short description of what a typical candidate can do at the relevant CEFR level.

The Cambridge English Scale is a range of scores used for reporting the results of Cambridge English exams. It allows you to quickly understand what your candidates' level of English is.

The CEFR is the international benchmark for describing language ability. This means you can compare Linguaskill results to international standards.

C1 or above
160 - 179
140 - 159
120 - 139
100 - 119
82 - 99
Below A1

Easy-to-understand report format

You can produce reports for individuals or groups, depending on your needs. You can also produce a breakdown of scores by group and level, allowing easy comparison of ability across your whole organisation.

Linguaskill results report format

Linguaskill results are presented in a clear and easy-to-understand Test Report Form.

The form will show you:
  • your candidates' Cambridge English Scale score for each skill tested
  • an overall Cambridge English Scale score, which is an average of the individual scores
  • your candidates' CEFR level for each skill tested
  • an overall CEFR score
  • an explanation of what each score means in terms of English language ability.

Download a sample Test Report Form...

Download a sample group report...

Linguaskill preparation resources
Free online sample tests

Use these online sample tests to familiarise yourself with the types of questions used on Linguaskill.

Take the Linguaskill Reading and Listening sample test...

Take the Linguaskill Writing sample test...

Note: The Reading and Listening sample test is not adaptive and is shorter that a real test. Sample tests do not provide a result or save your answers.
The Speaking sample test requires a headphone set and microphone.
Official Cambridge English preparation materials

Cambridge English Empower is a general course that covers all levels of the CEFR. You can choose a course to suit your needs, from A1-C1.

Buy online the Cambridge English Empower book...

Linguaskill informative documents

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